Informatory Notes

Informatory notes
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Informatory notes

The IIR publishes Informatory Notes designed to meet the needs of decision-makers worldwide, on a regular basis.

These notes summarize knowledge in key refrigeration-technology and refrigeration-application domains. Each note puts forward future priority developmental axes and provides IIR recommendations in this context.


There are two series of notes:


  • IIR Informatory Notes on Refrigeration Technologies
  • IIR Informatory Notes on Refrigeration and Food



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Informatory Note

Latest Informatory Notes published (for Members only*)

* Except Summaries for Policymakers


37th Note on Refrigeration Technologies
Advancements in supermarket refrigeration (March 2018)


Informatory Notes on Refrigeration Technologies (Archives)


36th Note - Flammable Refrigerants (December 2017)

Informatory Note - Summary for Policymakers


35th Note - The impact of the refrigeration sector on climate change (November 2017)

Informatory Note - Summary for Policymakers - Annexes


34th Note: Solar Cooling (April 2017)


33rd Note: Cogeneration/Trigeneration (January 2017)


32nd Note: Harmonization of Life Cycle Climate Performance Methodology (October 2016)


31st Note: Current long-term alternative refrigerants and their possible applications (April 2016)


30th Note: Heat-Sensitive Health Products (January 2016)


29th Note: The Role of Refrigeration in the Global Economy (November 2015)


28th Note: Qualification and Certification of Refrigeration Technicians (September 2015)


27th Note: Evaporative Cooling (January 2015)


26th Note: Overview of Regulations Restricting HFC Use, Focus on the EU F-Gas Regulation (January 2015)


25th Note: Refrigerant Charge Reduction in Refrigerating Systems (May 2014)


Spanish version / Version española:

25ª Nota: Reducción de la carga refrigerante en los sistemas de refrigeración (Mayo 2014)


24th Note: Containment of Refrigerants within Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Systems (January 2014)


23rd Note: Risk Inherent in the Use of Counterfeit Refrigerants (November 2012)


22nd Note: Applications of Cryosurgery (July 2012)


21st Note: Sustainable Refrigerated Road Transport (December 2011)


20th Note: Magnetic Refrigeration at Room Temperature (October 2007)


19th Note: Liquefied Natural Gas: Current Expansion and Perspectives (November 2006)


18th Note: Evaporative Cooling and Legionella, A Risk which can be Prevented by Using Good Practices (February 2006)


17th Note: How to improve energy efficiency in refrigerating equipment (November 2003)


16th Note: Refrigerated transport: progress achieved and challenges to be met (August 2003)


15th Note: Carbon dioxide as a Refrigerant (February 2000)


14th Note: Reduction of emissions of refrigerants and containment in systems (May 1999)


13th Note: Standards for Flammable Refrigerants (December 1997)


12th Note: Fluorocarbons and global warming (July 1997)


Informatory Notes on Refrigeration and Food (Archives)


5th Note: The Role of Refrigeration in Worldwide Nutrition (June 2009)


4th Note: RFID Technologies for Cold Chain Applications (September 2008)


3rd Note: Temperature Indicators and Time-Temperature Integrators (November 2004)


2nd Note: Listeria monocytogenes in Refrigerated Foods (January 1998)


1st Note: The Role of Refrigeration in Worldwide Nutrition (November 1996)





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