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Refrigeration for Sustainable Development
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The IIR plays an active role in major international events: UN Conferences on Climate Change (Kyoto Protocol) and Ozone Depletion (Montreal Protocol), Summits on Sustainable Development and Food…

In its capacity as an intergovernmental organization, the IIR presents statements during such events.



List of Statements


IIR Statement at COP-24 in Katowice, Poland (December 2018)


IIR Statement at MOP-30 in Quito, Ecuador (November 2018)


IIR Statement at MOP-29 in Montreal, Canada (November 2017)


IIR Statement at COP-23 in Bonn, Germany (November 2017)


IIR Statement at COP-22 in Marrakesh, Morocco (November 2016)


IIR Statement at MOP-28 in Kigali, Rwanda (October 2016)


IIR Statement at COP-21 in Paris, France (November 2015)


IIR Statement at MOP-27 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (November 2015)


IIR Statement at COP-20 in Lima, Peru (December 2014)


IIR Statement at MOP-26 in Paris, France (November 2014)


IIR Statement at COP-19 in Warsaw, Poland (November 2013)


IIR Statement at MOP-25 in Bangkok, Thailand (October 2013)


IIR Statement at COP-18 in Doha, Qatar (December 2012)


IIR Proposal within the framework of the CFS's work (Committee on World Food Security - November 2012)


IIR Statement at MOP-24 in Geneva, Switzerland (November 2012)


IIR remarks within the European Commission consultation on strengthening EU measures to reduce emissions of fluorinated gases (F-gases) (December 2011)


IIR Statement at COP-17 in Durban, Mexico (December 2011)


IIR Statement at MOP-23 in Bali, Indonesia (November 2011)


The IIR's Contribution to the preparation of the Global Strategic Framework for Food Security and Nutrition (September 2011)


IIR Editorial Note "The Cold Chain, Food Security and Economic Development" (March 2011)


IIR Statement at COP-16 in Cancún, Mexico (December 2010)

IIR Statement at MOP-22 in Bangkok, Thailand (November 2010)


IIR statement at COP-15 in Copenhagen, Denmark (December 2009)

IIR statement at MOP-21 in Port Ghalib, Egypt (November 2009)

IIR statement at COP-14 in Poznan, Poland (December 2008)

IIR statement at MOP-20 in Doha, Qatar (November 2008)

IIR statement at COP-13 in Bali, Indonesia (December 2007) 

IIR statement at MOP-19 in Montreal, Canada (September 2007)
IIR statement at COP-12 in Nairobi, Kenya and at MOP-18 in New Delhi, India (November 2006)
IIR Report Card on the refrigeration sector for the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development (April 2006)   
IIR statement at MOP-17 in Dakar, Senegal (December 16, 2005)
IIR statement at COP-11 in Montreal, Canada, during the High-Level Segment (December 9, 2005)
Expanded version of the IIR statement "Global Warming: Refrigeration-Sector Challenges" disseminated to all 10 000 participants at COP-11 in Montreal, Canada (November 28-December 9, 2005)   
IIR statement at COP-10 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, during the High-Level Segment (December 15, 2004)
IIR statement at COP-9 in Milan, Italy, during the High-Level Segment (December 2003) 

Expanded version of the IIR statement "the Refrigeration Sector's active role in the mitigation of global warming" disseminated in 10.000 samples during the COP-9 in Milan, Italy (December 2003)   
IIR statement "The Refrigeration Sector's Commitment to Sustainable Development and Mitigation of Climate Change" disseminated during the WSSD in Johannesburg (August 2002) and during the COP-8 in New Delhi (October 2002)   
IIR viewpoint concerning the implementation of the first stage of the European Climate Change Programme (ECCP) (April 5, 2002)   
IIR statement "Food Safety and Refrigeration" presented during the Joint FAO/WHO Global Forum of Food Safety Regulators in Marrakech, Morocco (January 28-30, 2002)   
IIR statement during the sixth Conference of the Parties (COP-6) on Climate Change held in The Hague, The Netherlands (November 20, 2000)

IIR Position statement on the draft European Regulation on ozone-depleting substances in refrigeration and air-conditioning applications (October 1999)   




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