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International Journal of Refrigeration: IJR


3.233 Impact Factor in 2017 | 12 issues per year

 ranked 22nd out of 130 mechanical engineering journals | ranked 12th out of 58 thermodynamics journals 



The International Journal of Refrigeration (IJR) is essential reading for all those wanting to keep abreast of:


  • research and industrial news in refrigeration,
  • air-conditioning,
  • and associated fields.


This is particularly important in these times of rapid introduction of alternative refrigerants and the emergence of new technology. 


The Impact Factor of the IJR increased by 16% from 2.779 in 2016 to 3.233 in 2017.



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As well as key research papers written by top specialists, the IJR also publishes:


  • review articles,
  • papers presented at IIR conferences and congresses,
  • short reports and letters describing preliminary results and experimental details,
  • and letters to the Editor on recent areas of discussions and controversy.


Other features include:


  • upcoming refrigeration events,
  • conference reports,
  • and book reviews.



The Editor-in-Chief, Professor Felix Ziegler (Germany), the Regional Editors, the International Advisory Board and high-profile reviewers ensure that this journal comprises high-quality articles and maintains an excellent citation index in the fields of thermodynamics and mechanical engineering.



Special issues

The journal has published special issues on alternative refrigerants and novel topics including condensation, heat pumps, carbon dioxide, ammonia, hydrocarbons, magnetic refrigeration at room temperature, sorptive cooling, phase change materials and slurries, ejector technology, compressors and solar cooling.



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