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Member Countries
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Member Countries

IIR Member Countries

The IIR now has 58 Member Countries representing over two-thirds of the global population. The bylaws of Member Countries were defined in the International Agreement endorsed in 1954.

Each Member Country nominates representatives to the General Conference which meets in ordinary session once every 4 years and one Delegate to the Executive Committee, which meets at least once per year.

Representatives from the research and industry sectors in each Member Country form a global network of specialists in various refrigeration fields and take part in commission-based IIR activities: conferences on state-of-the-art themes, working parties, writing of books or Informatory Notes on current issues.



Member-Country Categories

There are 6 member-country categories according to national economies and the importance of refrigeration to these economies.


The Member-Country category determines the:


  • number of representatives to the General Conference and the number of votes that can be cast by the country's Delegate to the Executive Committee;
  • number of commission members;
  • number of persons (chosen by the country) entitled to the following IIR publication services: 
    • free subscription to IIR periodicals (International Journal of Refrigeration, Newsletter of the IIR)
    • access to information services via the IIR’s portal (Expertise Directory, Laboratory Directory, member-only files)
    • quotas of free downloads of documents via Fridoc
    • tailored electronic alerts.


Moreover, Member Countries are entitled to hold IIR conferences (of which there are 3 to 6 per year) or IIR-co-sponsored events (8 to 15 per year).


Country Category

Representatives to the
General Conference

Number of
Commission members

Publication Services

Category 1 6 30 8
Category 2 5 20 7
Category 3 4 15 6
Category 4 3 10 5
Category 5 2 5 4
Category 6 1 3 3


Member Country Rights and Benefits

The IIR is an intergovernmental organization that operates according to an International Agreement defining Member Countries' rights and the services provided.


Each Member Country appoints a Delegate to the Executive Committee and representatives to the General Conference of the IIR, these being the policy-making bodies of the IIR. Member Countries also select and propose commission members: they are allowed 3-30 such members according to the member-country category.

Thanks to their commission members, Member Countries take part in and exert an influence on commission activities according to their priorities in terms of work themes. Through their commission members, Member Countries are involved in preparing: guidelines, codes of practice, standards, informatory notes, and working groups.


Likewise, through their commission members, Member Countries form part of an international expertise network based on fields of expertise. Member Countries can also organize IIR conferences or congresses, and they can request IIR co-sponsorship of other international events.


Commission Members from each Member Country receive member benefits, which include:


  • subscription to IIR periodicals;
  • access to information services via the IIR’s portal (Expertise Directory, Laboratory Directory, exclusive Web files;
  • quotas of free downloads of documents via the IIR’s Fridoc database;
  • e-alerts that can be tailored.


In each Member Country, 3 to 8 persons (on the basis of the membership category) also benefit from these services. Lastly, Corporate and Private Members in IIR Member Countries receive discounts on their membership fees.


The full, highly varied range of services provided, and the selective nature of the information made available make Memberr Country benefits incomparable and very inexpensive.




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