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The International Institute of Refrigeration features high-performance tools enabling users to obtain full information on refrigeration and its applications: Fridoc database (90 000 entries); An agenda covering events in the refrigeration field; Expertise and Laboratory Directories; And lots of other services to discover!
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Services provided

The providing of knowledge of refrigeration and all associated applications is the common feature of all IIR activities.

Over and above the broad range of IIR conferences and workshops, the IIR provides a very wide range of services and products:

  • periodicals,
  • publications,
  • database,
  • news and files,
  • electronic alerts,
  • directories,
  • tailored information services.


Fridoc Database

Fridoc is the most comprehensive refrigeration database in the world. It covers key scientific and technical literature from all parts of the world and contains almost 100,000 references along with abstracts and keywords. Fridoc’s multicriteria search feature enables you to identify the most relevant documents. Many documents can be directly downloaded on line. IIR members have quotas of free downloads.
Perform a search on a theme basis
Perform a simple or advanced search




The IIR’s Publications Catalogue comprises over 180 publications: guides, IIR conference proceedings, technical books, tables and diagrams…
All these publications can be purchased on line in the on-line bookshop.
- The IIR publishes Informatory Notes on a regular basis. These Notes primarily address the needs of decision-makers worldwide, and present the state of the art in a number of key fields in a concise manner along with IIR recommendations.

- The IIR presents statements during major international events (conferences on climate change, ozone depletion, food).



- The IIR’s Expertise Directory enables you to seek and contact by e-mail experts in the IIR’s international network comprising over 500 commission members.
This directory enables you to search for experts in over 120 refrigeration fields in sixty countries. This is a member-only interactive service.


- The Laboratory Directory comprises 300 laboratories in 55 countries. Information on research fields and practical information (contacts, Web site…) is provided for each lab. This is a member-only interactive service; a condensed version is open to non-members.



The IIR holds international conferences on key themes such as natural refrigerants, cold chain, magnetic refrigeration, cryogenics, compressors, phase-change materials and new technologies on a regular basis, and once every 4 years stages its flagship International Congresses of Refrigeration covering all refrigeration fields. The IIR also co-sponsors a number of events. Consult the agenda featuring IIR events.


Electronic alerts

Thanks to its e-alert system, the IIR enables you to receive regular e-mail alerts updating you on the following: new references added to Fridoc, the latest news published in the press and newly announced events.
IIR members can receive all these alerts and can customize them according to their fields of interest.


News and files

- News prepared by the IIR keeps you updated on all facets of the refrigeration sector: refrigeration news, technology, regulations and standardization, IIR news.

- IIR review articles provide in-depth insights into a current theme.

- Thematic files summarize key information on a specific theme.

- Files on regulation summarize key legislative texts from all parts of the world.
Certain files are available on a member-only basis. 



- The International Journal of Refrigeration is the reference journal for all those wanting to keep abreast of leading-edge technology in various refrigeration fields. Among the twelve issues published each year, special issues deal with key topics. Review articles present the state of the art. Find out more.
- The Newsletter of the IIR is quarterly. It features the latest refrigeration-sector news: events, IIR conferences, trends and markets, innovative technology, regulations… Find out more.


International Dictionary of Refrigeration

The Web version of the International Dictionary of Refrigeration provides translations of over 4300 refrigeration terms in 11 languages, and their definitions in English and in French.


Other services

The tailored services proposed by the Scientific and Technical Information Dept. of the IIR of the IIR include:
- Information searches: send us questions on specific refrigeration themes (regulations, refrigerant properties, data on food-sector refrigeration technology, etc.). Our information specialists will send you a personalized answer. Members of the IIR benefit from a fuller service.
- Information monitoring: contact us if you would like to receive regular e-mail alerts comprising references to new publications or news on predefined themes prepared by our information specialists.
Find out more.




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