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IIR conferences

  • Sponsor or organise a booth at an IIR conference

The IIR welcomes sponsorship of or the organisation of booths at its conferences of various structures, including educational establishments, research centres, associations and corporate structures.
If you are interested in sponsoring or organising a booth at an IIR event send an email specifying the event in question.


  • Organise a future IIR conference

The IIR welcomes proposals to organise its future conferences.
Proposals can only be accepted from structures or individuals already involved in the IIR, whether by way of membership or partnership.
Please remember that IIR conferences and events can only be held in IIR paid-up member countries.
For information on the event and to be included in the next call for proposals, please send an email specifying the conference you would like to organise.

  • Propose a new IIR conference

The IIR is always open to broadening the scope and adapting its events portfolio to the market.
If you believe there is a gap in the market and would like to put forward an idea for a new IIR conference or event that your structure could organise from A to Z, let us know by sending a proposal.

IIR congress

  • The IIR International Congress of Refrigeration (ICR)

The IIR International Congress of Refrigeration (ICR) is held every four years.
Calls for proposals to organise IIR congresses are sent seven years in advance of the event to delegates of IIR member countries only. Proposals must come directly from IIR delegates, and be supported by, the host country on a national level.
A third party cannot apply directly to the IIR head office to organise one of its congresses, but can prepare the proposal in partnership with the interested IIR delegate.
Please note that IIR congresses can only be held in IIR paid-up member countries.

  • IIR conferences guidelines

Download the IIR conferences guidelines here.

IIR conference sponsorship

  • Requests for IIR conference sponsorship

Thanks to its solid international network and years of experience in the field, the IIR regularly sponsors international events related to refrigeration.
If you would like the IIR to sponsor one of your future events, send an email  to the IIR head office with details of the event in question as well as a preliminary sponsorship agreement.


Online services

Dissertations in Fridoc

  • Publish a dissertation in the IIR Fridoc database

To publish a dissertation in the IIR Fridoc database, a dissertation package must be submitted to the IIR head office by the author, the supervisor, or any person who becomes aware of the existence of the dissertation, provided that the author or the supervisor is an IIR member (Commission, private or corporate member).


  • Copyright of dissertations published in the IIR Fridoc database

Authors must provide a signed agreement indicating that there is no conflict concerning copyright for inclusion of the dissertation in Fridoc.


  • Procedure

Download the Procedure for Listing Dissertations in Fridoc.


Conference proceedings

  • Publish a paper at an IIR conference

Details on call for abstract deadlines can be found in the events section of the IIR website.
Respecting the deadline is essential to accepting an abstract.


  • Copyright of IIR conference papers and proceedings

Conference proceedings will become part of the IIR Refrigeration Science and Technology proceedings series.
The IIR shall own full copyright of the proceedings.


Informatory Notes

  • Publish an IIR Informatory Note

The IIR welcomes new ideas and authors for future Informatory Notes.
These should be submitted to the IIR head office, which will be discussed with the relevant Science and Technology Council Section and Commission Presidents.
Send an email to suggest a new Informatory Note.


  • Copyright of IIR Informatory Notes

The IIR owns full copyright of all IIR Informatory Notes.

Publication or use without the strict authorisation of the IIR is prohibited.


  • Procedure

Download the Procedure for the Preparation of an Informatory Note.




  • Become a partner of the IIR

If you are interested in setting up a partnership with the IIR, whether it be in relation to sharing information, data, resources, collaborating on an event or on a project, send an email.


IIR Commissions

  • Join an IIR Commission

To become a Junior Member of an IIR Commission, the delegate of a paid-up IIR Member Country can nominate an individual to become a junior commission member provided the candidate put forward is already an IIR Junior Member.

Send an email to the IIR head office to get in touch with your country delegate.


Training/further education

  • Training or further education in the field of refrigeration

Please note that the IIR is not a training establishment and therefore does not provide further education or degrees.
However, thanks to its international network the IIR can put you in contact with various training centres in the field of refrigeration in France or worldwide.
Send us an email
for more information detailing your request.



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