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The International Institute of Refrigeration features high-performance tools enabling users to obtain full information on refrigeration and its applications: Fridoc database (90 000 entries); An agenda covering events in the refrigeration field; Expertise and Laboratory Directories; And lots of other services to discover!
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With 58 member countries (developed, emerging and developing ) on five continents, the IIR has a global commitment to promoting knowledge of refrigeration in all applications, regardless of the technology used, in order to improve quality of life in a cost-effective and environmentally sustainable manner.



A major stakeholder in both economic and environmental domains, the IIR disseminates information in all fields of refrigeration from cryogenics to air conditioning, including liquefied gas, the cold chain, refrigeration processes and equipment, refrigerants and heat pumps.



Key issues covered:


  • Food quality and safety from farm to consume
  • Comfort in homes and commercial buildings
  • Health products and services
  • Low temperature technology and liquefied gas technology
  • Energy efficiency
  • Use of non-ozone-depleting and low global warming refrigerants in a safe manner



Our partners include governments and civil service departments in developed, emerging and developing international and national organisations, universities and research centres, and refrigeration professionals.



Accordingly, we have established cooperation agreements with the FAO, UNIDO, UNFCCC, UNEP, and the WHO.



Benifits of being an IIR Member Country


IIR member countries benefit from a range of services designed to:


  • promote refrigeration
  • set up expertise networks
  • provide information on refrigeration within the country


Some examples of different benefits offered:


  • In an IIR Member Country, private individuals, companies, organizations, associations etc., receive a 10% discount when becoming a private or corporate member.
  • A certain number of persons (3 to 8 persons according to the member-country category) nominated by the member country receive IIR services free of charge.
  • Moreover, member countries are entitled to hold IIR conferences (of which there are 3 to 6 per year worldwide) or IIR-co-sponsored events (8 to 15 per year worldwide).



Additionally, a country has the right to have its representatives take part in the IIR’s statutory meetings and to exert an influence on decisions made during these meetings.



Member Country delegates


Each Member Country nominates a Delegate who is the country’s representative. Delegates meet at least once a year at Executive Committee meetings. Each Member Country selects representatives who attend meetings of the General Conference held once every 4 years.



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How to become a Member Country


The manner in which a Member Country joins the IIR is defined by an International Agreement: a duly authorized official in the candidate country sends an application to the President of the Executive Committee of the IIR.



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