Industry Sub-Working Group on Magnetic Refrigeration

Magnetic Refrigeration Industry Sub-Working Group
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Working Groups


IIR Working Groups operate on a temporary basis to bring together specialists to work on projects arising from current refrigeration issues.


Industry Sub-Working Group on Magnetic Refrigeration


IIR-IIF Magnetocaloric Working Party has existed in an academic form since 2006 with a global academic composition split into Materials & System groups, with the addition of an ‘Industry’ oriented group mandated by the IIR-IIF in November 2014.




Three purposes designed to speed the technology to market industrially: 


1. Facilitate communication between sectors: Three natural sub-working group interests in Magnetocaloric Technology; Magnetocaloric Materials subworking group, Magnetocaloric Systems sub-working group and the Industrial Partners sub-working group.  Forth communication with the general Refrigeration sectors Community.  At this time the materials and systems subworking groups are academically focused.  In addition to the service to the industry the Group plans to provide educational material to inform and educate the general industrial refrigeration population on the principles, operation and benefits of the technology.


2. Establish common standards across the supply chain between academic labs, suppliers and OEM's: Establish these by consensus globally for Magnetocaloric Materials, Magnetic systems, Heat Exchangers, Pumps..., with other topics as required.  This extends from nomenclature through property and performance testing from materials through products.


3. Provide industrial representation for the initial regulatory activities internationally: Under development via Integration of MRS into the EU Regulatory framework (consumer Fridges), with common factors shared with other refrigeration sectors.

Of immediate concern is the activity of the ELICiT project: Represent the IIR and the broader community of MRS developers in overseeing the project’s activities and recommendations.  Provide feedback to the IIR concerning the results of the project.  This will potentially define the energy rating for this class of MR heat-pump products.


Composition: Involve experts in the science and industry of MRS

The Industrial Sub-Working Group consists of experts from Industry with direct MRS experience.  The initial group of experts has been taken from Keynote & Invited speakers from the Thermag & Delft series of MC  specific conferences.  We are continuing outreach to involve industry and universities alike in a community of interested participants.


Objective: Facilitate the industrial introduction of MRS for 2020-2030


Common understanding between existing Academic & Industrial sectors: nomenclature, standards, regulations & test methods.
‘Perception Management’ being required within the existing industry, while MRS related industrialisation & supply chain capability are established.

Potential of Magnetic Refrigeration Systems (MRS)

The potential of this disruptive technology is well known and understood within the existing community, key points being:

  • 35~50% more energy efficient,
  • CFC gas free refrigeration systems,
  • Potentially available industrially supporting for the 2020~2030 FGas phase-out,
  • Technology potentially capable of replacing up to 80% of CFC-compressor applications today.


Initial Action: Organise a meeting of ‘MRS Industry stakeholders’

4th November 2015 @ Delft TU, the day following the Delft Magnetocaloric Materials Conference 2~3rd November:

  • What is required to create a magnetocaloric supply chain,
  • Industrial Oversight: Integration of MRS into the EU Regulatory framework.



Officers & members


Timothy Lorkin, MoveOnn Inside, Director & IIR-IIF Magneto Caloric Expert



David Beers, GE Appliances, Director of Technology (Ambient MRS)



  • Dr. John Barclay, Emerald Energy Director (Ambient & Cryogenic MRS)
  • Pierluigi Schisario, ARNEG SA, Director R&D, EU Regulations Industrial Applications
  • Dr. Ekkes Brück, Professor, TU Delft MC Materials


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Overlapping Sectors of Core Industry - SWP members experience



  • B2C: Household Consumer Refrigeration
  • B2B: AC & Business refrigeration
  • Cryo: Gas Cracking e.g. vehicle Hydrogen fuel pumps
  • MCM: Magnetocaloric Materials
  • Integration of MRS into real world appliances




The ATMOsphere Conference took place on March 2015 in Brussels, Belgium. Presentation extracts.


Thermag Scientific Committee


The Scientific Committee is comprised of members representing the international community working on magnetocaloric materials and systems.


The committee is made up of the ten elected members of the conference Advisory Board and is divided into two sub-groups under the banners Systems and Materials.


  • Dr. Karl Sandeman, Imperial College London, UK, Advisory Board Chair
  • Dr. Vitalij Pecharsky, Ames Laboratory, Iowa State University, USA, Materials Chair
  • Dr. Ekkes Brück, TU Delft, Netherlands
  • Dr. Asaya Fujita, Tohoku University, Japan
  • Dr. Oliver Gutfleisch, TU Darmstadt, Germany


  • Dr. Andrew Rowe, University of Victoria, Canada, Chair
  • Dr. Jader Barbosa, University of Santa Catarina, Brazil
  • Dr. Afef Kedous-Lebouc, G2ELab, Grenoble, France
  • Dr. Andrei Kitanovski, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Dr. Nini Pryds, Technical University of Denmark


MRS Expert Circle & Industrial Stakeholders


MRS Expert Circle & Industrial Stakeholders are composed of:


  • MRS ‘Experts’ which are principally Academics such peer reviewed and keynote/invited speakers; Thermag and Delft MC Conference speakers; and IIR magnetic cooling working group members.


  • Identified Industrial stakeholders such sponsored companies and which presented academic papers at Thermag and Delft MC Conferences; and other correspondents demonstrating interests to MC.


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