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WP LCCP Evaluation
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Working Group on LCCP Evaluation

LCCP Evaluation

Working Group 

Since the main part of the global warming contribution from refrigeration equipment (including air conditioning) is due to indirect emissions, the climate performance of refrigerating system during its life cycle is an area of concern. Moreover, its proper evaluation is a key factor in determining the true impacts of working fluids for specific application and geographic location, and will assist in determining next generation working fluids for refrigeration and air-conditioning systems.

The IIR has therefore decided to set up a working group (WG) to assess the merits of different methods for evaluating the Life Cycle Climate Performance (LCCP) for refrigerating systems environmental impact of refrigerants and to produce implementation protocols for these methods, for use by decision makers and refrigeration stakeholders. Yunho Hwang, Vice-President of IIR Commission B1, is the chairman of this new WG, which started from January 2012, after approbation of the Science and Technology Council of the IIR.




  • To collect information on direct and indirect emissions of working fluids for various applications from individual countries and from the current IIR’s Working Party on Mitigation of Direct Emissions of GHGs
  • To initiate within IIR member states the formation of similar Working Party-Groups to cooperate with the IIR Working Group
  • To establish the LCCP evaluation methodology applicable for refrigeration and air conditioning systems
  • To evaluate how different assumptions selected by a user of these methodologies can affect the result of the assessment.
  • To assemble such information and to disseminate it amongst members of the Working Group and all IIR member states
  • To write a booklet on the LCCP evaluation methodology developed (in cooperation with member states Working Groups) available to members of the Working Group and all IIR members (member states, physical bodies and members organizations - legal bodies) and to be available to non-members via Fridoc
  • To support and promote international collaboration and initiatives to improve the LCCP of the refrigeration and air conditioning systems
  • To represent the IIR at events dealing with environmental impact evaluation.



The 7th WG meeting was held in Yokohama, Japan, on 21 August 2015, during the 24th IIR International Congress of Refrigeration (ICR2015).


The 6th WG workshop took place on 27 January 2015 in Chicago, in conjunction with the ASHRAE winter conference.

Meeting documents are available in the box below (Documents of interest).





Working Groups


IIR Working Groups operate on a temporary basis to bring together specialists to work on projects arising from current refrigeration issues.


Officers & members


Yunho Hwang, University of Maryland, USA



  • Carlos Infante Ferreira, Delft University, The Netherlands
  • Chun-Cheng Piao, Daikin, Japan


 Vikrant Aute, University of Maryland, USA



Documents of interest



9th Meeting documents: 


8th Meeting documents: 


7th Meeting documents: 


6th Meeting documents:


5th Meeting documents:


4th Meeting documents:


3rd Meeting documents:


2nd Meeting documents:


1st Meeting documents:





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