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Working Group on Energy Labelling in the Cold Chain

Energy Labelling in the Cold Chain

 Working Group

This working group was established on 2008 as a place for exchanging information and creating networks on the topic of energy in the cold chain. Energy efficiency is becoming a major concern due to the scarcity of primary sources. The need for the reduction of the environmental impact of energy using processes is also unanimously recognized.


Both food storage and transport at controlled temperature are energy demanding links in the cold chain.

Keeping food at controlled temperature requires a great amount of energy, thus it is likely that every action promoting energy savings will be welcome. This belief is strengthened by the fact that energy costs have remarkably increased in the last years and this trend is being confirmed.


Unfortunately the need for guaranteeing food quality and safety, and the opportunity for energy savings lead to contrasting practices. It is therefore essential to carry out a thorough investigation in order to identify possible actions towards the promotion of energy savings in the cold chain. In this web page you will find information on the activity of the working party and of its members, relevant documentation and the minutes and presentations of previous meetings. For further information, comments and suggestions please contact the chairman.



– Collecting information about all the energy labelling schemes and MEPS (Minimum Efficiency Performance Standards) which have been already proposed or investigated

– Comparing such labelling schemes and standards within each field (storage, display, land transport, sea/air transport) and promoting their integration

– Investigating the feasibility of new energy labelling schemes and MEPS

– Establishing and continuously updating a reference list of research publications on the topic

– Organizing meetings (mainly workshops) for all members

– Promoting energy labelling schemes in the cold chain through publications in scientific and nonscientific journals and newspapers, and presenting papers at conferences

– Creating networks linking people working on energy-related topics in the cold chain.




The WG met during the ICR 2011 in Prague, minutes and presentations are available in the section "documents of interest"


Working Groups


IIR Working Groups operate on a temporary basis to bring together specialists to work on projects arising from current refrigeration issues.


Officers & members


Giovanni Cortella, University of Udine, Italy



  • Silvia Estrada-Flores, Bayer CropScience, VIC, Australia


  • Eric Devin, Cemafroid, France. 


Documents of interest

Terms of Reference


Minutes of previous Meetings:





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